29 January, 2011

Valentino Spring 2011 Couture




I'm not sure whether this collection was a hit or a miss for me. I like the simplicity, and as I love nudes the fact that there were barely any other colors than nudes in the collection, that's definitely a pro. Also the flowers detailing was beautiful, as well with the embroidery.
The thing I appreciate most about most of the look were the high collar (only a few dresses with low cuts).
BUT the thing I do not like about the collection, was that for almost every single look sheer was the main fabric, and nude, the main color. With the occasional touches of white, pinks or brown, and lace or printed fabrics.
I think I like it more than hate it though :D.


  1. You make good points, but I really, really like the sheer fabric and nude color. Maybe I like them too much...:)


  2. Hahaa thanks you Amelie, and same here. Sheer & nude is kind of the perfect match. :)