31 January, 2011

17th SAG Awards Best Dressed!

I don't usually do awards shows reviews but I might start doing that from now on.
Here are some of the best looks from the red carpet. I don't think the over-all was that amazing. Yeah, there were two or three dresses that were gorgeous, but nothing REALLY special or amazing , like the Golden Globes aka Angelina Jolie, Olivia Wilde, January Jones, etc.

         Ariel Winter                              Diana Argon                            Hearther Morris

      Jayma Mays                                Lea Michelle                                  Taye Diggs

           Christina Hendricks          Wendie Malick&Jane Leeves              

Balenciaga Fall 2011 & Bally Fall 2011




I'm loving a lot of coats from the fall 2011 menswear collection (I might do a post about my favorite coats from this season ;), but I'm not sure yet, let me know what you think).
Great, strong cuts, original, yet VERY wearable!

30 January, 2011

It's the Suitcase Fantasy

Yesterday I came across this wonderful short film directed by Greg Bunkalla.
The story as they presented it is:
During a visit to New York City, a young lady finds a mysterious suitcase in her hotel room. What she finds inside transports her into a world of daydreams and dress-up.
That sound so great, like every girl's dream, really. 

Watch the finished project here: 

Here is a behind the scenes look:

I absolutely love most of the looks she finds in this 'mysterious' suitcase. I wish I could find suitcases like that one (especially if I'm in NY).

29 January, 2011

Valentino Spring 2011 Couture




I'm not sure whether this collection was a hit or a miss for me. I like the simplicity, and as I love nudes the fact that there were barely any other colors than nudes in the collection, that's definitely a pro. Also the flowers detailing was beautiful, as well with the embroidery.
The thing I appreciate most about most of the look were the high collar (only a few dresses with low cuts).
BUT the thing I do not like about the collection, was that for almost every single look sheer was the main fabric, and nude, the main color. With the occasional touches of white, pinks or brown, and lace or printed fabrics.
I think I like it more than hate it though :D.

28 January, 2011

Antonio Marras Pre-Fall 2011



What I loved about this collection was the color palettes nudes,greys, and black(in the collection there were some touches of pink,yellow and blue as well). The leather and fur on the jackets or coats, were also something I really liked.
See more looks after the jump.

Ann Demeulemeester Fall 2011 Menswear



Demeulemeester's usual monochrome palette was expanded with touches of red,orange, and blues. There lots of different textures and fabrics. I loved the snow prints and comets. Though I'm not a fan of those wigs they had to wear, they were kind of distracting from the clothes.  The horizontal cuts on the jackets and coats, leaving them flying out was a really great idea. Lots of interesting layers,  the fringe gave it a bit of a feminine feel, in my opinion. It definitely didn't make the outfits more masculine.
See more outfits after the jump.

Gertrud Hegelund by Andreas Öhlund for Cover February 2011

I love this picture, and how fresh-looking it is. By fresh-looking, I mean that the hair, the dress, and the pose are all very special in their own way, and together, creating a great picture.

27 January, 2011

Jean Paul Gaultier Spring 2011 Couture











With the music, people clapping& cheering, the models' poses, the closets (which included,suits,pencil skirts,gowns,beautiful coats, lots of beautiful different fabrics&textures), and the mohawks, all together created one of the best SHOWS. But with Catherine Deneuve’s voice from the speakers (she was in the front row, too, just a few seats from Spanish direct Pedro Almodóva who has been spotted regularly on the couture circuit this season), calling out the name, character traits and number of each look – “Viscious”; “I am Anarchy”; “No Future”, that was just the last touch to make the show perfect.

WATCH the videos you will not regret it!

In this video you can see some of the models backstage, the split at the end (it's awesome heheh!), and some looks. (The only thing about this video I don't like is that you can get to see what the atmosphere was like during the fashion show because of the music. )

In this video though it's live and I like it better, but in this one you don't get to see the split at the end :( .