23 January, 2011

Patrick Mohr Did It Again

Man, does he know how to get attention. Most people probably know that last year he sent down the runway bald models with beards. 


Like that's not freaky enough, this year for Berlin Fashion Week his fall 2011 collection glued the models' mouths. 

I've seen amazing runways shows, really weird runway shows, and some 'meh' runway shows.. But I just don't know what to call this one. Is it just bad, or plain crazy? Does he consider this artistic, or is it just that he thinks it's cool, unique/new?
I'm literally just speechless. 
In some ways it make me kind of angry (it's weird for me to feel angry about THIS hahah). I'm guessing it's probably because he went too far to show what 'art' is. 
I do agree that it's something new, that I personally have never seen before on the runway. So kudos for that Patrick. (BUT STILL..)

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