16 January, 2011

My Favorite 5 Things ATM

1. TUMBLR - I'm just OBSESSED with tumblr right now. Like, REALLY obsessed. It's really addicting so it's not my fault. 
Here is my URL:

2. BLACKBERRY - I got my blackberry (blueberry as my friend and I like to say hahah) on Christmas. But it's just now that I'm actually non-stop bbm-ing (blackberry messenger), and always playing amazing games on it. So yeah, go buy yourselves a blackberry when it's time for a new phone.
3. TWO AND A HALF MEN - I've already watched all 7 seasons 3 times, and a few weeks ago I started watching it again. I watch it every single night, falling asleeping watching it hahah. WATCH TWO AND A HALF MEN AND YOU WILL KNOW WHAT GOOD COMEDY IS.

4. PACKING - Only because I'm moving and I'm really happy and I can't wait. So yeah PACKING FTW.

5. FASHION(EDITORIALS) - I've always been interested in fashion. But lately I've come to LOVE it, and it's now defs a passion ( a BIG passion of mine), and most recently editorials. Before I was really lovin' street style pics and just scrolling down on websites of street style pictures. Now all i think about is EDITORIALS, EDITORIALS, EDITORIALS. They're a great way to play with clothes, themes, settings, and lots, lots of stuff.

& I'm just gonna add a 6th fav thing atm because I couldn't post this without sharing this amazing song!

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