11 February, 2011

Vena Cava, Wes Gordon & Steven Alan

                                                                     Vena Cava

Wes Gordon



Steven Alan


   These are the few looks I really liked from Vena Cava, Wes Gordon and Steven Alan. The collections were mostly great, but these are the looks that stood out, and are my favorites. 
Vena Cava: I love the cuts, and the make-up wasn't so great, but the accesories (especially the hats) were pretty great.
Wes Gordon: For a presentation instead of a fashion show, the setting was really amazing. I really liked the metallic colors, and shapes.
Steven Alan: The collection was very earthy looking, and boho-chic. I really LOVE that coat with multi colored stripes.


  1. Wes Gordon collection is fab. Love the rich hues. Great content on your site :)

  2. I really, really, really adore the Wes Gordon collection. Ever since high school 95% of my wardrobe has always been dark colors and it took me forever to break free from that. But naturally i'm still drawn to it :)

  3. I absolutely loved Wes Gordon! Great pieces, and well presented :)