19 February, 2011

Lela Rose,Elise Overland & ADAM Fall 2011

Lela Rose
I'm really in LOVE with the hair & make-up, and the outfits were really dreamy-ish, and chic.

Elise Overland
 Such an amazing and unique idea, for showing your collection. On an ice rink. Geniuuuuuuus. There were some skaters that were not models, but they were still wearing the designs from Elise Overland, while skating. The models had each a piece of rug so they wouldn't slip. More, about the clothes, I liked the coats lots, and great patterns!

I loved this collection, and the mood it brings SO much. The glasses were the perfect touch for some of the looks. The over-sized sweaters and the long skirts/dresses were superb. I also liked the socks under the stilettos.