16 December, 2010


    Well first off, even though I'm probs the only one reading this because at the moment nobody knows about this blog (which is okaay) I'm still gonna write about some stuff.
    So this is my second blog (because on the first one I only posted twice and then I got really busy and couldn't really find time to even think about posting. That's actually really sad because I loved it and it was gonna be pretty awesome :(  ).
    Now, I want to tell you that even though I will be posting in english you should be prepared for some pretty bad grammar bacause english is not my first language. I won't be writing THAT much but when I do I will defs try my best :P .
   I will be posting anything related to fashion and art that I like/find inspiring, music that I love, random pictures, and anything else that's awesome and interesting.
   Have a good one guys

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